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How do I place an order?

We have a very easy process to place an order, check the step by step guide with screenshots to understand all the process. For more help, contact us using the contact form or use our live chat to instantly support.

    • Create an Account using our step by step guide. If you¬†already have an account, skip it.
    • First choose your desired product and select colors, size, variants etc. Now you can check the price of each item above add to cart button and click on ADD TO CART.
  • After that, it will instantly show you the item on the right sidebar. if you want to add or shop more item in your cart, simply click close the sidebar clicking on the close button on the top right.
  • When you decide to place an order for your items, just click on the cart button and click on the CHECKOUT button.

How To Place An Order

How To Pay An Order

  • Now fill the form according to your delivery address. All the red star (*) items are mandatory to fill. Please use your valid number, emails that we can contact yours later. If you like to say something, simply fill the order notes.
  • Now check the products price, delivery charges.
  • Choose the payment method, for example, bKash. Carefully send your bKash payment to your number and fill your bKash number & transaction id. For more help, visit our bKash help page.
  • Now trick on the terms and condition and hit the PLACE AN ORDER button.
  • You’ll redirect to ORDER COMPLETE page to show the confirmation of your order.

Order Check My Account

  • Now you can check your order status from your account DASHBOARD >ORDER page.
  • That’s it.