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How to pay via bKash?


One of the easiest way to send money via bKash through APP. Follow the process step by step. For more info check the official app site.

Bkash App

  • Send Money Process
  • Tap on Send Money icon from home screen.
  • For the first time, the app will ask for your permission to access your phone contacts. Allow bKash app to access your phone contacts, if you want to easily select any number from your contacts for Send Money.
  • Enter name or select recipient from your contacts or input number. If there are multiple numbers saved against one contact, tap on “See All Numbers”, and then select the desired number. For Send Money, the recipient has to be a registered bKash customer with an active account status.
  • Enter amount on the next screen. Your available balance is shown below for your convenience.
  • Reference is optional. You can enter (GADSTYLE BD).
  • Enter your bKash PIN.
  • Unlike USSD, the transaction is not complete yet. Check the recipient’s information, total amount (including the service charge), your projected new balance if the transaction goes through, and the reference (if any). If you need to change anything, you can go back and edit. If everything seems fine, Tap and Hold for a few seconds to confirm the transaction.If the transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation receipt.You can directly call or send an SMS to the recipient from the confirmation receipt.If the transaction fails, you will see the relevant error message.



  • Go to your bKash Mobile Menu by dialing *247#
  • Choose “Send Money”
  • Enter the bKash Account Number you want to send money to
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter a reference about the transaction. (You can enter (GADSTYLE BD).
  • Now enter your bKash Mobile Menu PIN to confirm the transaction
  • Done! You and the Receiver both will receive a confirmation message from bKash

To place your order you need to put your bkash number & Transaction ID in our payment option. It will help us to confirm your payment.