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USAMS US-CC151 C28 245W 3 Ports + Dual Cigarette Lighters Digital Display Fast Car Charger

৳ 1,900

JOYROOM JR-CL05 72W Multi-port QC3.0+PD Fast Car Charger Adapter

৳ 1,450

JOYROOM C-A08 Mini 30W Dual USB Ports QC3.0+PD Car Charger

৳ 790

JOYROOM C-A17 48W Intelligent Dual Port Fast Car Charger with LED Display

৳ 990

JOYROOM JR-CL06 154W Multi-Port Car Cigarette Lighter Car Charger

৳ 1,900

USAMS US-CC119 C22 3.4A Dual USB Car Charger With 3IN1 Spring Cable

৳ 990

ROCK Car Inverter Type-C USB Power Slot Car Inverter Charger

৳ 3,090

USAMS US-ZJ063 Car Center Console Retractable Phone Holder

৳ 990

Baseus Superme Digital Display PPS 100W USB Car Charger with Type C Cable

৳ 1,990

HOCO E59 Dual USB Car Charger Bluetooth FM Transmitter

৳ 990

BASEUS Enjoy Car Wireless MP3 Charger Wireless 5.0+5V/3.4A Dual USB Adapter with LED Digital Display

৳ 1,390

Baseus PD 100W USB Car Charger Quick Charge 4.0 QC4.0 QC3.0 Type C USB

৳ 1,690

Baseus Share Together PPS Multi-port Fast Charging Car Charger With Extension Cord 120W 3U+1C

৳ 1,750

Baseus Share Together Quick Charge Car Charger with Cigarette Lighter U+C 120W

৳ 1,300

Baseus Light Electric Holder Wireless Charger 15W Car Charger with Infrared Sensor

৳ 2,690

ROCK 5A LED Display Dual USB Car Charger Type C QC 4.0 PD 3.0 100W Cigarette Splitter

৳ 2,990

JOYROOM C-A43 Dual Port PD 20W Car Charger

৳ 990

BASEUS 45W Dual USB Car Charger Digital Display with Type-C Cable

৳ 1,500

OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Car Charger

৳ 4,200

Samsung Super Fast Dual Car Charger (45W+15W)

৳ 4,500